The Makeup Light – Gold Key Light 2.0 Starter Kit with EZ-Clamp


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The Key Light by TML has been taken to a new level with the “2.0” model. Everything that has been cheered and loved about the Key Light system has just gotten better.

The Key Light LED panel is the core of our easy to use “game-changing” lighting system.

The Key Light 2.0 features a new sleek metal case on the exterior, a new power supply with an in-line touch-style dimmer switch (flicker-free), and technological LED enhancements in the interior. Together these make the Key Light 2.0 the newest greatest makeup light available in the world.

This “EZ-Clamp” package includes the new EZ-Clamp and one Quick Release set.

What’s New:
  • -Sleek metal housing in two colors: “Graphite” or “Gold”
  • -Slim profile with protective corner bumpers
  • -Improved LEDs with Color Rendering Index “CRI” of 96+
  • -Glossy light panel surface
  • -Smaller universal power assembly featuring in-line, touch-style, flicker-free dimmer switch