Roque Cozzette Vitality Makeup Brush Set – 8 pcs.


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Makeup Brush Set is comprised of 8 stylish makeup brushes that are essential in creating endless makeup looks; perfect for devotees of makeup and those learning to become a makeup artist.

This makeup brush set features a new style D260 The Aligned Definer is designed with an aligned flattop symmetric edge that is perfect for working with powder or cream shadows when lining eyes, shading the lash line, creating ombre eyebrows; ideal to refine edges with concealer or powder around the lips for that perfect red lip.

Weight 3.0 oz
Dimensions 7.5 x 2 x 2 in
Color Vitality Red Metallic High Gloss Finish Collection includes: 1. S120 Diamond Blender 2. S130 Rounded Blush 3. S175 Eye Contour 4. D225 Depositor Brush 5. D260 Aligned Definer 6. P340 Rounded Foundation 7. P370 Stylist Lip Brush 8. P375 Stylist Eyeliner
Ferrule Hematite finish made of aluminum/silver