The Makeup Light – Key Light Kit -Master Package


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The Key Light is a dimmable daylight-balanced light source that can be used as an unimposing light alone, or as an accessory to larger light sources -even the sun.

Bright, yes, and small too.  The Key Light can be positioned without getting in the way of your work. Paired with the clamp mount, suction-cup mount, or light stand (all included in the Kit), there are nearly limitless ways to put the Key Light into action. This is a complete kit that will be ready to go right out of the bag.

The Master Package has twice the power than the pro-package with two Key Lights, all necessary power cords and dimmer switches, two “goose necks” and two light stands.  Two stand-clamp mounts and suction-cup mounts are also in the bag.

There are two color choices for The Key Light Kit:  “Onyx” and “Nickel.”

The “Onyx” Kit comes in a black-metallic bag with the Key Light in a black frame.  The “Nickel” Kit comes in a metallic “nickel” carry bag with the Key Light in a white frame.
Ready, Set, Light!

The Key Light Kit Master Package includes:

  • Two Key Lights
  • Two sets of Power cords & dimmer switches
  • Two adjustable “Goose necks”
  • Two Three-section stand (heights: min.21″  max.7′)
  • Two Stand-Clamp mounts
  • Two Suction-cup mounts
  • One Carry bag (“onyx” or “nickel”)