The Powder Group X Rebels and Outlaws




This special limited edition candle create in collaboration with Rebels and Outlaws celebrates 15 years of The Powder Group.  The candle celebrates the Individual as well as the collective of artists that have brought community and success to this industry. It allows you to prepare your space, protect your energy and curate something for your client or at home. To focus. To plan. To manifest. To prepare. To acknowledge. All you are. All you are going to become. All you are going to be. It allows you to be part of a community that gives so much.

The white candle is a candle of healing, learning, new beginnings, and growth. The white candle provides comfort, clarity and truth. It is the combination of all colors and can heighten creativity, success, and more.

Inspired by The Powders Group I AM, WE ARE,  credo and Fifteen years of building community, stronger artists and a better industry this candle celebrates the importance of the artist as individual and part of a larger collective.

Prepared with fig to represent knowledge and enlightenment this most ancient fruit brings happiness, security and love and luck. The fig celebrates education and symbolizes prosperity. Fig is paired with tobacco for it’s properties of
promoting peace, confidence, personal strength and the importance of community. These two oils balance the I and the we, the us and the me. The soft and subtle, smokey scent allows you to honor the past, connect to the present and prepare for the future.

The I AM, WE ARE candle is finished with Clear Quartz to strengthen and amplify any energy, assist in achieving goals, expand consciousness, open communication and foster creativity.

Howlite is a calming stone. It clears the mind, allows dreaming, opens up intuition, protects from people who would take too much of our energy and empowers us to reach our goals.

Sprinkled with lavender for peace, wishes, wisdom and clarity of thought and sage for longevity, learning and protection this is the ideal combination for furthering your ambition and providing focus. Cedar is used to offer insight, progression, and protection. Cedar helps provide strength and illuninate the path and keep your sight on the plan.

Light this candle for focus. Light this candle for family. Light this candle for yourself. Light this candle for celebrating oir community of game changers  I AM, WE ARE.