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The Artist Summit hands–on workshop program is open to professional makeup artist and students of makeup artistry only unless otherwise noted. Workshops are $125 each or three for $290 for TPG Pro Members or those that are attending the full The Artist Summit program. Please note special $290 for three programs rate is only available to TPG Pro members.  Non-TAS Attendees: $165 for each or three for $390.  Register Now! for each workshop below.

Thursday October 5 & Friday 6 2017

Thursday October 5, 2017 – Morning Sessions: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Nick Lujan  – Guiding Principles to Elevate Your Artistic Eye – SOLD OUT
The five principles every makeup artist aims to understand and master are: color theory, sculpting, texture, product formulation, and editing.  MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Pro Educator Nick Lujan will guide you through an intensive workshop to help you master these tenets and bring your artistry to the next level. Students will learn to facilitate their own artistic growth through guided self-critiquing and gain a fresh understanding of how to fully tap into these principles to hone their artistry. Sponsored by: MAKE UP FOR EVER


alphonse wiebelt

Alphonse Wiebelt  – Incorporating References
In an age saturated with visual and creative inspiration of all kinds, how do we as artists communicate and get our vision across for an editorial or creative project? Being able to incorporate elements from the past in new and modern ways becomes a critical skill set for all types of work. Whether from icons of the screen, to music legends or the muses of countless fine artists, we look back to look forward in our work.  In this workshop with Alphonse Wiebelt, artists will focus on how respecting the past to contribute to the future can aid us in our visual composition and to communicate our vision. Artists will also use mood boards and images for reference and in return map out a face chart referencing the elements of the images to create and execute a complete beauty story based on the provided references. Sponsored by: Muse Beauty.Pro

AJ Crimson  – Shadow Beneath the Skin
The world of makeup artistry has seen extremes on all ends of the spectrum in our social media world. But at the core of great makeup application is the ability to reshape and define the face and skin in ways that are imperceptible to the eye while creating the illusion and visual effect of perfectly, subtly shared features and face shape. In this program by AJ Crimson, attendees will learn about creating contour and highlight that looks seamless and undetectable in every makeup application. Sponsored by: AJCrimson Beauty

Thursday October 5, 2017 – Afternoon Sessions: 2:00pm – 6:00pm

Orlando Santiago  – The Simplicity of Beauty
In a world that has become filled with over-contour, layers of eyeshadow and glitter lips, this program with makeup master Orlando Santiago will bring you back to the most basic of beautiful. Learn how to fine tune your work to allow for the most perfected skin and purely gorgeous color choices to come through for your most simply perfect work ever. Sponsored by: The Makeup Light


Sheila McKenna – Budge Proof Beauty – SOLD OUT
Creating a waterproof or smudge-proof beauty look is a key skill set for many areas of makeup artistry. In this unique workshop, Kett Cosmetics founder Sheila McKenna will take attendees through both airbrush and traditional makeup techniques for waterproof and long-lasting makeup. From tattoo cover, color matching and correcting to adding texture and freckles to the skin artists will work within various mediums and products to carry your work through from the most basic beauty, to bridal, photography work and beyond. Sponsored by: Kett Cosmetics

Sarah Rigano – Igniting the Creative Within
Within each of us lies a creative spark longing to burn brightly. But, how do we stoke our fires of becoming? How should we harness the potential to transform our personal and professional lives? In this wellness and personal development session with your higher creative, manifest a vision of your work and the world that surrounds, with Shamanic Practitioner and Vibrational Designer Sarah Rigano. This expansive session, we will not only raise creative consciousness through beauty, community and ceremony, but also by incorporating ancient wisdom and powerful Earth elements in a ritual of transformation, individual energy clearings and intention setting. Sponsored by: Form + Light

Friday October 6, 2017 – Morning Sessions: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

James Vincent & Joe  Dulude II – Finding Your Focus 
In this intensive and interactive workshop, James and Joe will take attendees through the process of creative design in makeup artistry while maintaining a tight and resolute focus on the project at hand. Work with both James and Joe on different areas of directional focus from various aspects of makeup artistry including understanding of purpose, product choice and design elements. Sponsored by: Skindinavia.

Terri Tomlinson – Color Theory Revolution
See how using Color Theory makes you a stronger artist and can affect all of your color choices. Color Theory with The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™ will revisit the rules of color theory in flesh tone and how to see color in skin. We will use the wheel to determine highlight, contour, correction and color for eyes, cheeks, and lips. Use the rules of color theory and the wheel to create and manipulate color for correction, highlight, shadow, and all makeup. Sponsored by: Terri Tomlinson Makeup Training Academy

Bethany Townes – Advanced Flawless Skin
This class will not only address each step needed to achieve a flawless foundation application but it will also discuss how to make proper decisions with each individual application. Which allows you to achieve a flawless finish for every skin tone, skin type, and scenario. Are you asking the right questions before you even begin your application? Are you thinking about what’s important? Do you know the questions you need to ask? Are you addressing the needs of the client or simply following a pre-designed formula? This class with help you develop the ability to make a proper assessment which ultimately help you work effectively and efficiently. Sponsored by: Bdellium Tools.

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** Workshop programs must be paid in Full at time of registration. Only attendees with deposits down for the full Artist Summit Program may register for the supplementary workshop programs.

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