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Each keynotes and panel discussion session will begin at 9:30 am and end at 5:30 pm. A listing of each presenter keynote will be posted soon.

Achieving Intention – Danessa Myricks
Creating a successful career and making money as a makeup artist require tenacity, technique and adaptability an industry that is constantly evolving. Understanding the role of the artist, as well as the business of makeup artistry, in all aspects of our work, is essential to success. As is seeing the opportunities that are in front of you, and even the ones that are not so obvious. In this career strengthening session, Danessa Myricks delivers the tough-talk and sets us off on a path of pure no-nonsense career development. Danessa has managed to develop a sought after makeup brand, establish herself as a master educator and maintain a stellar career by focusing on the tools and knowledge she had at her disposal at each stage of her career, and by focusing on feeding her business and not her own ego. She’ll share with us the tough-truth about becoming a successful business person, working through personal goals and building on your momentum to continue to grow your most successful career possible.

Breaking the Mold – Ryan Burke and Ryan McKnight
We are living in an industry flooded with competition and at the same time with new ways of doing business and new means of creating visibility coming to light from some of the most forward thinkers in our business. Finding your niche and sticking to a focused perspective on your business is more important that ever in such a crowded marketplace. Living your dreams can sometimes mean looking inside yourself, truly examining your skill set, addressing your passions, reassessing your strengths and redefining your own perception of success. Growing the scope of your business beyond the expected set of parameters within our industry, and allowing yourself to incorporate many layers of your passions into your business, allows you to not only be more successful but truly happier with both your personal and professional journeys. In this wonderful session Ryan McKnight, founder of the artist agency Kreative Kommune and Ryan Burke, who is represented by the agency and is known as one of the most ground breaking creatives in our industry, will speak to breaking out of the expected and moving to a place of uniqueness to help put the spotlight on you and your business.

Redefining Success Sutan Amrull
Living your dreams can sometimes mean looking inside yourself, truly examining your skill set, addressing your passions, reassessing your strengths and redefining your own perception of success. It can also mean prioritizing your own drive and desires as opposed to what the external expectations of others are of you. Developing a satisfying and successful career means defining the scope of your business beyond the expected set of parameters within our industry, and allowing yourself to incorporate many layers of your passions into your business. In this powerful session with makeup artist and entertainer Sutan Amrull, or Raja as fan’s of Ru Paul’s Drag Race know him, attendees will give thought to what defines success. Discover what allows you to be both, more successful, and truly happier with both your personal and professional journeys. Sutan will help us understand how adjusting your outlook can help you create a multi-layered business and attain the apex of success – on your own terms.

The Artist as Alchemist –  James Vincent
Alchemy is both a spiritual and magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.  It is a philosophy famous for the quest to acieve immortality or produce gold but also to achieve wisdom through transformation of both the alchemist and the substances he manipulates. In our industry we are constantly reshaping, revamping and reconfiguring our clients faces and our own hopes, dreams, intentions and goals. We labor to transform our work into financial success while working to take home the gold in industry acclaim. In this session James Vincent shares his story of discovering his inner artist and how that led him to his life. James will shed some light on the process of attracting and manifesting your goals into reality even in the toughest times and talks about tools to keep on track. Join us as James offers his insight, illuminates some ideas and offers a challenge to customize, create and conjure a most magical experience in our makeup community and the world daring you to live your own life like it is golden.

Artist to Artist Orlando Santiago and Bethany Townes
This intimate session will be that chat we’ve all wanted to have with our closest superstar makeup artist friends about career, artistry and community. In this industry where people compete for every client and every job, it can be hard to envision how we can possibly maintain a long and successful career with so many on the same path. But when you open the possibilities to unlimited opportunities and think bigger than today’s job and what might be expected from your career, you can create a career that takes you on your own, unique path to success. Realizing success can sometimes seem impossible until you simply reimagine what defines possible in the first place. In this mind-opening conversation between two of our industry’s most inspirational voices Bethany Townes and Orlando Santiago, attendees will discover how to find their most successful selves and make an impact on industry impact by tapping into our talents and passions, and expand our career beyond the expected while always remembering our community.

The Art of Self Expression Yvonne MacInnis
Often the role of a Makeup Artist is to be the vehicle in bringing someone else’s vision to life. Even in collaboration, our client’s needs can take precedent over our own creative passion and desire, leaving us with the “need” to fill out proverbial artistic cup. We need a way to reboot- to stay inspired – and challenge the artist within. In this unique and creativity focused session, makeup artist Yvonne MacInnis will take you on a journey about turning inward and honoring the inner creator through artistic self expression. With a flair for using color and texture in unconventional ways, Yvonne is recognized within the beauty industry for her devotion to pushing the boundaries of makeup artistry, incorporating her fine art experience and fundamentals. She platforms her unique point-of-view as an artist through social and digital outlets and shares her transformations using her own face as a canvas to share with others and to influence her own makeup artistry in her client work. In this session Yvonne will take us through the process and art of self expression from both an internal personal standpoint and external creative one.

Making Your Mark: A Study of Focus and Purpose – Alex Barendregt,  Emma Rutherford, Kate Leydon
Influencing an entire industry is no easy task and taken on successfully by few. Positioning yourself as an expert and a leader in your industry is just the first piece of the process but and instrumental one. Getting people to pay attention, support and celebrate your business is also critical to your success. But the factor that is probably the most important is finding and communicating clearly your purpose – and sticking to it to the core. In this one of a kind panel discussion with three global leaders in our industry, we will look at the keys to finding success as a business leader and making an impact in your industry by creating a hyper-focused business model where your community knows exactly what you are and who you are for. Whether you are working to advance your personal brand, develop a team, or just establish yourself as a go-to artist in your market, this program will help you understand how to establish yourself as influential and make your mark on your industry. Michael and James will be joined by Alex Barendregt founder of World Bodypainting Festival, Emma Rutherford Editorial Director of Warpaint Magazine London and Kate Leydon founder of Ruby Room.

Igniting the Creative Within – Sarah Rigano
Bringing out our most creative selves in an industry that requires us to often fit into the range of the expected can be devastating to a creative energy. The eyes and hands of creatives can push the boundaries of reality when this energy is encouraged and nurtured. Through the manifestation of your vision, the unseen comes to life. Beauty and freedom live brightly in a world given to distraction and dissident. But how to maintain sustained creative flow? How to expand external relationships while honoring authentic internal artistry? Stay inspired when stress causes one to question? In this interactive wellness seminar, Shamanic Practitioner and Vibrational Designer Sarah Rigano will speak to power of energy and intention to ignite the creative within, holding space for a dynamic conversation on clearing obstacles and beliefs systems preventing the development of your highest creative vision and the power of elevating your individual energy to ignite personal and professional transformation.

An Artist’s Voice – Chris McCarthy with Sian Robertson, Mark Adams & Mike Wright
Creating a strong presence for yourself as an artist has become more and more challenging as increased competition has made discerning between artists more difficult. Standing out in any crowded artistic field can mean the difference between a good career and a great one. The process of discovering your own artist’s voice – and the energy, personality and artistry that go with it – provides you the clarity of message that allows clients to know exactly when they should turn to you. In this unique and thought provoking session led by Chris McCarthy, Executive Director of Provincetown Art Association and Museum with a panel of renowned Provincetown artists including Mark Adams, Sian Robertson and Mike Wright, we will discuss the importance of, and process to, finding your distinctive voice as an artist. We’ll look at the how crafting, curating and promoting your work with one true voice can help create the path to success. We will look at what defines you as both an artist, and an individual, and how cultivating your own signature style will help you find your place in your industry.

The Journey to My Path – Carl Ray
Every artist gets to different points in their career where there are multiple paths that they could follow. The decisions we make at those junctures affect not only our next steps in our professional life, but our personal and artistic development as well. Our futures are literally defined by these choices. In this very special session we will talk about making those decisions as well as how to be sure we can maximize all areas of our work, and personal lives throughout a busy career. Makeup artist Carl Ray, who has been Michelle Obama’s First Artist since 2008, will give us an inside look at a life, and job, that the rest of us can only dream of, and how he has developed his career outside of his work with the First Lady simultaneously. We will look at his career path, his work and how he keeps it all in line and moving forward with such a high-profile career.

Me, My Brand and I – Sheila McKenna,  AJ Crimson, Alphonse Wiebelt
We are at a time when there seem to be more makeup brands than ever flooding the market and the number of artists in our industry seems to double overnight – everynight. Creating a strong presence for yourself as an artist and business has the power to be the difference between a good career and a great one. The process of defining the personality, emotions, artistry and convictions that represent you as a business provides you the potential to stand apart from the rest and be heard by not only your peers, and potential clients, but the industry at large. During this amazing panel discussion with three of our industry’s most impressive makeup artists and brand owners, we will look at how giving you, your artistry and your brand itself all an equal focus of your attention will make all the difference in your career. In this unique session we ask artist and entrepreneurs Sheila McKenna of Kett Cosmetics and Alphonse Wiebelt of MUSE Beauty Pro and AJ Crimson, to share their story, talk us through creating your own path – and help you identify what defines you as both an artist, and an individual and brand.

Beyond Belief – Michael DeVellis
Discovering and celebrating the driving purpose in your life can be not only eye opening but life changing. Charting your course to success so that nothing stands in your way of accomplishing what you set out to, even in the face of opposition, can seem like an insurmountable task. Believing in yourself at the deepest level, and your ability to accomplish your goals, is critical to that success.  In this career-defining session, The Powder Group founder Michael DeVellis will take you on a journey of faith, passion and commitment to help you discover your own inner warrior and create your own incontestable path towards your own success. By getting others to believe in and support your vision, the path to accomplishing your goals is closer than you think. Michael will show you that success is not only possible, it can be bigger than anything you have imagined