The Artist Summit



The Artist Summit hands–on workshop program is open to professional makeup artist and students of makeup artistry only unless otherwise noted. Workshops are $125 each or three for $290. To make a payments please see payments section below.

OCTOBER 8 – 9, 2015


Eugenia WestonEugenia Weston – Becoming Brows
In this workshop acclaimed Eyebrow Master Eugenia Weston  will demonstrate the techniques that have launched an eyebrow empire and made her one of the greats in our industry. Eugenia will reveal her secrets for shaping, defining and designing the perfect eyebrow for every occasion. She will address the challenges makeup artist face in redesigning brows as well as discuss the importance of the brow for framing the face and finishing a look.  In the hands on portion of the workshop artists will work with Eugenia and practice the precision of eyebrow application and explore the endless array of products available to todays makeup professional. This workship sponsored by SENNA

Alee CaoAlee Cao – Tool Free Styling
In an industry that is always moving at top speed many makeup artists are also being asked to take on the duties of a hair stylist and hair stylists are often asked to work with speed and without the time or electricity needed to use traditional tools. In this first time workshop Paul Mitchell Master Stylist and Cao Cosmetics Creator Alee Cao shows you some of his favorite heat and tool free styles that are simple for artists at any level to achieve. Let Alee show you how you can accomplish unforgettable hair styles that will leave your model or client looking their best while thinking outside of the traditional beauty box. This workshop is sponsored by CAO Cosmetics

Leslie ChristinLeslie Christin – The Business of Beauty: Art Beyond Expectation
The secret of having a steady flow of work and income from editorial to everyday clients is having a strong career focus and an understanding of both business and beauty. Developing a client list, learning the latest technique and incorporating editorial trends for bridal and private clients, reaches far beyond the artist's freelance career. With experience in areas ranging from film, to bridal and expert understanding of entrepreneurship, Leslie will share her passion of integrating editorial trends into client and bridal applications and show you how you can make every makeup both timely and timeless. In this workshop, Leslie will show you her Studio Artist System and help you learn to maximize your talent into developing multiple streams of income and elevating your business beyond your expectations. This workshop sponsored by Cara Cosmetics


Roque CozzetteRoque Cozzette Inventing Editorial
The importance of having an understanding of creating strong editorial work reaches far behind the artist focusing on a career in fashion. From film, to bridal and private clients, integrating editorial aspects into every application is essential to elevating your makeup beyond the basic. In this workshop Roque will help you develop an understanding of the process and set you on a path to developing more fashion oriented looks in your work. This workshop sponsored by Cozzette

Dani FonsecaDani Fonseca – Extreme Cover
The skills to cleverly cover and conceal birthmarks, discoloration and tattoos can make any artist the artist in demand for work in every are of makeup from movies, music industry to bridal. In this workshop you will explore the fundamentals of color theory as well as options for traditional camouflage and airbrush application to provide cover and conceal elements of a complexion or client that might be distracting or detract from your application. This workshop sponsored by TEMPTU PRO

Joe Dulude IIJoe Dulude II - Thinking in Black and White
The elegance and drama of a black and white photograph can be beautiful for editorial, bridal and any type of portrait work. In this workshop we will help you achieve the perfect application for this classic medium and give you a better understanding of what colors, textures and focal points can bring a basic makeup to beyond beautiful as we explore the beauty and brilliance of tone, light and shadow for added depth and dimension to every image. This workshop sponsored by Kryolan

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9.   MORNING SESSIONS: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Chad Hayduk Chad Hayduk and James Vincent Chad Hayduk and James Vincent - In Living Color
Having an understanding of the fundamentals of color theory allow you infinite possibility in your makeup artistry. From color correction and combination to completing any makeup look knowing the way colors relate and respond to each other allows you a palette and a makeup kit with endless possibility. In this workshop Three Custom Color Creator Chad Hayduk  joins James Vincent for an in depth look at the basic rules of color and an exploration of how to break them. Bring your beauty makeup and every application to all new levels by unlocking the secrets of unlimited color usage. This workshop sponsored by Three Custom Color

Joanne  McDonoughJoanne McDonough - Bridal Artistry and Beyond
The bridal industry is one of the most important and consistent areas of makeup artistry and in this workshop, Joanne will help you explore the dynamics of building a successful career strategy for your own freelance bridal business by exploring the skills, tips and techniques you need to know for bridal beauty, from classic to modern. You'll learn secrets to making your work incredible for photos, video and up-close and in person, all day and night. This workshop sponsored by Skindinavia

William Edge - Hairstyling for Beauty - SOLD OUT
Building your name in the beauty industry requires going above and beyond the basics. In this hands on workshop Salon Owner, educator and stylist William Edge will showcase basic styling skills and easy up dos that can help you to secure that client and share how to use your curling irons, blow dryer and basic brush technique to strengthen your hairstyling skills and separate you from your competition. Learn how to choose the right product for your kit and explain combine them to style unbelievable hair as well as share shortcuts of the industry to get hair done faster.

**Please Note: Tickets must be paid-in-full by October 1. Deposits are non-refundable but may be used toward other TPG programs if unable to attend.

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Three Workshops - $290