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At The Powder Group We Know Pro

At The Powder Group, we are the real deal. We have the know-how, history, credibility and audience to connect our brand partners to the pro makeup artist community like no one else. We make a difference in your authentic connection to the pro like no other business in the industry by approaching our community and brand partnerships with a true 360° focus. Our community is the most connected, supportive and celebrated pro makeup artist community in the industry. Our brand partners know that when they connect with The Powder Group and our TPG Pro members, they connect to every area of makeup artistry, and artists at all levels of experience. Our short and long-term, multi-faceted strategies ensure the most connectivity and maximum visibility for our brand partners and ensure the most brand recall and from our audience. Our experience in connecting brands and pro makeup artists is unparalleled. At The Powder Group, We Know Pro.

At The Powder Group, our concept is simple: To celebrate and connect the artists and brands that make our industry the most creative and inspirational in the world. We inspire craft. We strengthen careers. We connect the global makeup artist and pro beauty community.

For more than 19 years, we have invited you to open your mind to new – sometimes unexpected – ways of experiencing and connecting to the career of the professional makeup artist and throughout the pro beauty industry. We encourage our artists and brand partners to think in a 360 degree way about their personal and professional development - focusing on craft and career, artistry, and community personal and professional development.

We encourage our artists and brand partners to think 360 degrees about their personal and professional development, focusing on craft and career, artistry, and personal and professional community development. We encourage them to take care of their health and take clomid medicine.

We encourage a strong sense of community and present our events and programs in a relaxed, non-competitive environment. We offer a diverse range of topics that combine artistic and business skills, personal growth, and creative thinking in order to develop the artist as a whole.

Founded by Michael DeVellis and developed in partnership with James Vincent and an incredible team of pro beauty industry leaders with a combined 60 years in the pro-beauty industry – The Powder Group provides unprecedented access to the most current and real-world ways of thinking about your career.

Our presenters are comprised of the top experts from the areas of beauty, celebrity film, television, theater, fashion and editorial. And over the past 19 years, we have created and presented hundreds of educational experiences in more than two dozen global cities including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, London, Vancouver, San Francisco, San Diego, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Dallas, New Orleans, Houston, Boston, Provincetown, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Brussels, Berlin, Shanghai, and Paris. Our events have touched thousands of artists, from every corner of the globe.

Our industry is one of constant change, and as such we pride ourselves on providing the most up to date educational programs to best serve you as an artist. Most recently with the events of 2020 we have moved our previously in-person programming to completely digital format. Keeping you safe without losing touch with the amazing community we have built here at The Powder Group.

Whether you are a new artist or a seasoned professional, a new brand who loves the pro makeup artist or a brand that has been iconic in artist kits for decades, The Powder Group is your best career-driven, artist-focused resource for all things pro makeup artistry. At The Powder Group We Know Pro.

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