When we began planning evolution our goal was to create an event that would be unique in many ways and would challenge the artists attending to push themselves to new places in their creative, business and personal paths. We wanted to provide a resource for development that didn't currently exist in the pro-makeup artist arena and one that would create a new way of thinking about the career of makeup artistry. We wanted to give artist the power to challenge the what is and explore the what could be.

Using a series of nine principles that are a constant current through the program - Insight, Clarity, Examination, Creation, Focus, Precision, Control, Perception and Discovery - we will clearly focus the attendees goals and growth in each area of their development of these focuses.

During the development process for the event, we thought a lot about these principles and how they relate to the artists we were planning this event for:

  • Artists who are solid in their knowledge of product, technique and the industry, but understand that there is always a way to become stronger in our craft
  • Artists who know that none of us know it all - and that the only thing we do know for certain is that everything we do know changes.
  • Artists who understand the difference between doing good makeup, being a great makeup artist and being a strong member of our industry.
  • Artists who are excited by the idea of finding new ways of looking at their career and craft, and ensuring a sustainable career through their ongoing development even through challenging times.
  • Artists who are prepared for the next phase of their career and open to finding a path, maybe an unexpected one, through self discovery and examination.

We invite you to explore evolution details page by clicking the link below, and hope that the program will be one you feel connects to you and your goals for your own future. You should expect, however, that a level of ambiguity will be left to the specifics. We have developed a program that is meant to be experienced without a set of expectations to follow along with, allowing your experience, and growth, to unfold in front of you as the week progresses. Please note that as always, The Powder Group will keep our participants safe both energetically and physically and abide by all recommended CDC and health community guidelines to ensure your development process is.

As you embark on this transformative journey, we understand that other aspects of your life continue to move forward. Balancing personal needs, health, and self-improvement can be challenging, which is why we've collaborated with trusted healthcare partners. For those who might be seeking solutions for personal wellness during this period, our association now offers a cheap Cialis option through our partnered pharmacy. This is a part of our broader initiative to ensure that while you're focusing on your personal growth with us, other essential aspects of your life aren't left unattended. We encourage you to discuss any health considerations with a professional and make informed decisions.

We encourage you to join us on this journey to a new level in your career and personal path.

Are you ready to evolve?

Michael DeVellis
The Powder Founder, The Powder Group

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