James Vincent James Vincent - Mindful Action: Plan On It.
Wednesday, November 30
7:00 PM Eastern Time
In this very special year-end, TPG exclusive online workshop, James Vincent will bring attendees through the process and the practical application of activating and implementing the practice of wellness and incorporation of mindful management and thinking to bring behavioral change. We will explore some new technique as well as use some of TPGs successful tools and implement an action plan where wellness works hand in hand with the personal and business goals you have set for yourself. We will ask questions, explore answers, and empower you with tools to explore your unlimited potential and possibility as well as implement a plan to get you there. A rewatch will be avail of this program.

Wendy Dispenette Wendy Dispenette - The Art of Acrylic Pouring
Monday, December 5
6:00 PM Eastern
Art and artistry have always been a big part of our The Powder Group programming, helping to not only inspire creativity but to create a deeper artist focused attention in our community’s development. In this first time TPG session, artist and creator Wendy Dispenette will take attendees through the history, technique and process of creating art through the medium of acrylic pours. Wendy will demonstrate how to create your own custom colors, pouring techniques, sealing and finishing. A rewatch will be avail of this program.

Auralis Flores Auralis Flores - 2023 Dream Board Creation
Wednesday, December 14
6:00 PM Eastern
The end of the year is such an auspicious time. We reflect on the year we’ve had and start looking ahead at the year we want. What does 2023 have in store for you? What is the focus? Where can we best spend our time and energy to bring those dreams in to reality? Vision boards have long been known to help represent that which we want to amplify and attract in our lives. Join us as Aura guide us thru some techniques that can help align us with those goals and dreams while having fun creating your own 2023 board of dreams. Participants can create their own Dream Board along with Auralis or watch and listen as she creates her board and shares insights on the year to come and her process of Dream Board creation. This program is live participation only.


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