This year, the industry’s most pro-loving beauty show, ISSE Long Beach, takes it digital and TPG will be there with three days of virtual education focused on makeup artistry and pro beauty career development.

Over the three day ISSE Digital Experience program, attendees will have access to over 80 educational offerings including 13 makeup focused sessions produced by The Powder Group. Ten programs will be available on demand and three will take place live during the event.

Our roster includes programs by Eugenia Weston, Alphonse Wiebelt, Matin Maulawizada, Fidel Gonzalez, Kisha Augustine, Dee Rouzan, Tanya Deemer James Vincent, Joanne McDonough, Aga Rhodes, Despina Scandalis, Stephanice Flor and Michael DeVellis | Presenter Bios

TPG Pro members can participate in ISSE Digital Experience for only $25 with a special discount code that will be provided to members through our private group. Members can also reach out to for the code. Registered attendees will be cross-referenced to confirm they are current members.

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A list of The Powder Group programming can be found below.
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  • SUNDAY MARCH 14 - 12:30pm Eastern
    Michael DeVellis Michael DeVellis

    What’s Next - Preparing for Your Post Pandemic Career In this insightful and steps-driven, career planning session, The Powder Group and On Makeup Magazine Founder, Michael DeVellis will help participants find their best, and most successful path forward as we enter a new era for our industry, craft and client service. Whether you are a salon owner, makeup artist, hairstylist or industry leader, this no nonsense session will ensure your post-pandemic success, focusing on realistic and actionable steps that will help get you thinking and moving forward and ready for what comes next.

  • MONDAY MARCH 15 - 12:30pm Eastern
    Joanne McDonough Despina Joanne McDonough Joanne McDonough
    The Business of Bridal - Joanne McDonough, Despina Scandalis, Aga Rhodes and Tami Bernard

    This program, presented by a panel of four amazing bridal industry experts let by Joanne McDonough will provide an overview of the bridal industry from a business standpoint and a deeper focus on business, artistry, relationship development and creating exceptional client experience. We will discuss a wide range of aspects of working with brides and bridal parties including pricing, working with a team, vendor relationship development, marketing and product.

  • TUESDAY MARCH 16 - 12:45pm Eastern
    Alphonse Weibelt Beautiful Makeup - Alphonse Wiebelt
    In this design based program, MUSE Beauty Pro Founder, Alphonse Wiebelt, will take attendees the process of designing and executing their ultimate vision for beauty makeup. Starting with perfected skin and exceptional tool and product choices, this session will go on to discuss the study of tone and texture, the real fundamentals of highlight and contour as well as color placement with intention and creating dimension with various mediums and product forms, confidence in color correction and skin tone matching skills and get ready to make those tattoos disappear. Techniques include hand application and airbrush.

  • James Vincent Beauty with an Edge - James Vincent
    New York based makeup artist and educator James Vincent is known the world over for his uptown beauty with a downtown edge artistry, with a focus on authentic, client-focused approach to design and a product and technique expertise unlike any other. James has spent a career pushing beauty standards and challenging what beauty can be. In this first time ever program, James will discuss and demonstrate taking your beauty artistry to a new level, by incorporating those products and unique touches that allow you to break the beauty rules and let your work stand out from the pack.

  • Stephanie Flor Latina Beauty Now - Stephanie Flor
    The Latina client today understands herself more than ever, and has an influence on the larger beauty perspective like never before. Latinas are at the forefront of innovation and content creation. Techniques are evolving and also perceptions of beauty in how they apply, and use traditional makeup. In this very special session from Around The World Beauty Founder, Stephanie Flor, we will take a closer look on how to cater to the Latina client and discuss and demonstrated products, makeup trends and how the culture of her clients plays into their design choices for any area of work in makeup artistry.

  • Orlando Santiago A Focus on Eyes - Orlando Santiago
    Undoubtably the most expressive and creative part of makeup design is the artistry of the eyes. From nude and natural to textured and filled with a kaleidoscope of color, the eyes are the focus of makeup design like no other feature. In this artistry focused program by one of our industry’s most inspirational voices, Orlando Santiago, we will discuss product and tools, as well as demonstrate a variety of looks to help you reach new heights in your eye makeup design and application.

  • Matin Maulawizada A Focus on Skin - Matin Maulawizada
    WIth a client list that includes the most beautiful women in entertainment, Matin Maulawizada has become known for not only his flawless clean beauty, but the work he does with his clients before the first brush stroke of makeup is placed on the face. The prep process, techniques and products Matin uses to create flawless skin have made him the go-to artist for his client’s most important days. In this discussion and self-demonstration focused session, Matin will give you exclusive look at the products, tools and techniques that will get you to the top of your skin game.

  • Joanne McDonough Bridal Beauty Explored - Joanne McDonough
    From the most natural of makeups to makeup for mature skin this session with bridal beauty expert and Joya Beauty founder, Joanne McDonough, will allow attendees to understand a range of artistic approaches. Joanne will demonstrate her artistry and service techniques and participants will leave with an understanding of the product and techniques needed to thrive in the lucrative bridal business.

  • Eugenia Weston Shaping the Face - Eugenia Weston
    In this beauty focused session, industry Icon, brow guru and Senna cosmetics founder, Eugenia Weston will take attendees through her unique process of identifying facial points of reference to shape the face proportionally. Using light, dark and color, you will learn how to change the face from flat to dimensional. She will review and demonstrate tools and techniques through to a final beauty look discussing color and texture choice for creating a perfected beauty makeup for any client need.

  • Dee Rouzan Global Complexion Explored - Dee Rouzan
    In this perfected-skin focused program, New Orleans based makeup artist and founder of Faces of Virtue Beauty Studio, Dee Rouzan, will review the skills require for working on a global range of skin tones. She will discuss and demonstrate important considerations for choosing product shade and undertone and demonstrate variations to consider for different techniques for color correction, highlight, contour and use of texture when working with clients of deeper global complexions.

  • Kisha Augustine Creating with Texture - Kisha Augustine
    Whether creating a flawless foundation and highlight, to working with layered color application, texture is a critical component in every aspect of makeup design. The use of properly placed texture in any area of application can take a good makeup design to an exceptional one in an instant. In this design and application focused session, global beauty expert and makeup artist Kisha Augustine takes attendees through the process and products that she uses to ensure every makeup application is a stunning one.

  • Stephanie FlorMakeup for Photography - Fidel Gonzalez
    From bridal to editorial to red carpet - the approach a makeup artist takes for designing work that will be photographed is critical to the success of the design. Understanding the considerations that make makeup for photography unique to other types of design is an important part of perfecting this important skill. In this design and technique focused session, makeup artist and photographer Fidel Gonzalez will demonstrate his ideal beauty makeup and discuss the important dos and don’ts for makeup for photography.

  • Tanya Deemer Tattoo Cover Perfected - Tanya Deemer
    Today’s makeup artists must have the skill set to work with all areas of a client’s needs including covering tattoos effectively. In this intensive program, makeup artists Tanya Deemer will teach attendees the most effective tips and tricks to achieve flawless and undetectable tattoo coverage. Participants will walk away from this class with a solid understanding of the dos and don’ts, must have product and techniques for flawless tattoo cover for any situation.


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