The Artist Summit hands–on workshop program is open to professional makeup artist and students of makeup artistry only unless otherwise noted. Workshops are $125 each or three for $290 for TPG Pro Members or those that are attending the full The Artist Summit program. Please note special $290 for three programs rate is only available to TPG Pro members. Non Members: $165 for each or three for $390. Register Now! for each workshop below.




Eugenia Weston – Five Keys to Harmonious Makeup
Eugenia will explain and demonstrate her technique for breaking down and analyzing the face to create a harmonious makeup design using the 5 basic elements: 1.Shape, 2. Proportion, 3. Composition, 4.Texture, 5.Color. This analysis behind creativity will teach you how to achieve balance and symmetry for each individual face structure.

Clint Brock – Experiment with Color and Texture!
Clint Brock will spark your creativity to get the most out of your kit and elevate your artistry. Clint shares his product development expertise and unique techniques to blur the lines of traditional artistry and create unparalleled beauty concepts.

Sarah Rigano – Nature as Muse
Throughout time, the natural world has served as inspiration for countless artists, makers, seers, and thinkers alike. However, amid this modern day and age, many have forgotten how to interact with these elemental energies, losing touch with an innate knowing that allows us to recognize Nature’s essential beauty and symbolism as a catalyst for creative opportunities that are wonderfully aligned. Join Sarah in this intimate workshop, as she guides participants in reconnecting with this essential relationship through guided meditations, activations, and ceremony to inspire a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the Earth, one steeped in wonder and gratitude and endless possibilities for personal and artistic evolution.
Sponsored by: Form + Light



Julia Dalton-Brush – Your Brand – Your Business
In this business development-focused program, B3 Balm founder, Julia Dalton-Brush will bring you through numerous exercises in honing in on your business and steps on how to build it. Together you will define then refine your business idea and learn to write a positioning statement, finding your niche, learn to write planning documents, consider financial needs, tap into your existing network, determine your business entity type, working with a mentor, and more.


Alphonse Wiebelt – Balanced, Weightless and Beautiful
Learn the art of manipulating makeup mediums from cream to powder pigments for beauty applications. Ideal for a bridal and special occasions to red carpet applications, where makeup needs to wear longer and look weightless. This hands-on workshop will help to elevate your artistry skills and teach you to step back from your work to create a beautifully finished and polished application.


Stephanie Flor – Inspired Beauty
From inspiration to execution. Learn how to take the world and use it as a source of inspiration. In this session we’ll be incorporating influences and techniques from around the world to elevate your artistry. Stephanie has trained in makeup schools from Korea to India learning techniques, and concepts on cultural beauty practices. Let’s join together to find inspiration and create a beauty story that is sourced in global beauty.



Joe Dulude ll – The Power of Transformation
Using the elements of design and technique, Joe will walk you through his process for developing character from the inside out. Through visualization and creative exercises, artists will learn how to create and execute character on themselves and their clients from design through application and character completion.


James Vincent – Clean Beauty Focus
Beautiful skin is a must for every makeup artist. Understanding the design and decision-making process for complexion is more important than ever did to the demand of today’s cameras and lifestyles. In this session James takes you though the what, when, why and how of complexion coverage and structure with an eye towards clean beauty, speaks to kindness in current skin trend and demonstrates looks that will lead you into next season with insight and creativity.


Michael DeVellis – To Go Farther
In this career and goal setting focused session, Michael will take attendees through a review of what has been so far in their life and career and work to help define their personal and professional next with a focus on dreaming deeper and farther and making a plan to get there with authenticity, focus and planning.
Sponsored by: The Powdered Group


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