Christine Gero Horiovitz

Christine is currently the spa director for The Hutton Brickyards, a
retreat hotel, restaurant and spa along the Hudson River in Kingston
NY. The hotel is part of The Salt Hotel chain based out of
Provincetown MA. Her journey into the beauty industry started back
in her early 20’s. After finishing her college degrees in fine arts,
fashion design and fashion retail marketing which took her from NY
state to Miami Florida. It was in Florida after leaving her first job in
Visual Merchandising that she was offered a job helping out a friends
upscale salon in Miami that she found her new interest in hair and

In the mid 90’s she got a position with MAC cosmetics in
Massachusetts and held many positions with the company over the
course of 4+ years. Following MAC she worked for Stila and NARS
and during that time went back to school got her Esthetics and
cosmetology license to be able to be immersed in all things beauty.

She found her way back to Provincetown as a healing step to
loosing her husband in an accident and in this journey of self
healing opened up her own cosmetic store and spa called “Kiss
and Makeup” named after her relationship with her husband as
they always had one rule never go to bed angry always “kiss and
Make up”. She was able to marry her love for visual
merchandising, cosmetics, skincare , haircare and Fragrances.
She noticed after a couple years living there that there was no
where in Cape Cod to buy great products and so she created the
store out of necessity. She curated a retail experience offering
unique and high quality lines that she connected with, making
sure that what she carried was unique, not mass market and
special. She loved bringing in new up and coming niche lines that
she believed in ,mixed with a few luxury brands. Giving back was
something felt strong about, she did this with a charity lipstick
line with shades named after her favorite drag queens in
Provincetown all proceeds going to a non profit that her husband
ran offering help for people with addiction. She also donated
products every year at her local senior center at Christmas so
they had gifts to give their loved ones. She turned her season
open kick off into a fundraiser for her favorite museum PAMM
which became a local favorite event.

She always believed getting out of her comfort zone to grow
as person in her creativity and decided to move to Portland
Oregon to reconnect with nature and art working for a major
fashion brand in the visual merchandise department but the
whole time missing her connection with skincare. After the
pandemic hit it had her reevaluating her life and getting back to
the industry that brought her the most joy but in a whole new
way. She found out customers of hers were opening a hotel
retreat in Hudson NY right along the river surrounded by nature
not far from where she grew up. This created the perfect
opportunity to get her back to the East Coast and her love for
skincare and wellness. The chain has plans to open up more
locations as far as Mexico where Christine will be in charge
creating New Spa spaces complete with emphasis on beautiful
organic local hand crafted lines to offer an experience true to its
local surroundings much like Hutton Brickyards Spa has been