Kisha Augustine

I discovered a fetish for beauty while helping wrap gifts in the cosmetics department during the holidays. While observing the frenzy of women shopping, I experienced a supernatural adrenaline rush. I became infatuated with the beauty industry that day.

Now, more than 15 years later, it is beyond gratifying to use this platform to connect with the masses across the globe. The person who connects to my work and understands my approach to beauty can be defined as a minimalist risk taker. My style is effortless and unpretentious while getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. I love to mix and play with color, texture, formula and use unconventional methods to make things work.

I’m inspired by people, the culture from unique places, and the charismatic colors that make up nature. My source of inspiration also leads to my current lifestyle obsession as it contributes to beauty: Non-toxic skincare and eating towards radiant skin. As a medium of self-expression, beauty is an art that allows me to embrace everyone’s individuality, which challenges me to become a visionary with a distinctive edge.

This journey has led me to work with some extraordinary people, magical faces, unforgettable personalities, and some incredibly dope projects!