Raisa Flowers

Whether behind the scenes as a makeup artist or in front of the lens as model, Raisa Thomas never ceases to convey her distinct point-of-view. As a makeup artist, Raisa is both technical and innovative, melding graphic shapes with pops of color and a dash of ’90s glamour. As a model, she tirelessly works to challenge and deconstruct body image stereotypes. Refinery 29, Fashion Unfiltered, and Fashionista are just a few of the outlets who are taking notice of Raisa’s ever-growing presence, in addition to innumerable brands clamoring to collaborate with her. A truly unstoppable force, Raisa is on the vanguard of reshaping how we as a society view beauty and fashion. Artistry, tenacity, and a radically progressive perspective have already cemented Raisa as a notable figure in these industries– and her potential is infinite.