Stephanie Flor

Stephanie Flor is a true tour de force, bringing vision and voice to the world of beauty and not just beauty, but cultural, inspired, integral beauty that is restorative to women and to the planet. She is the founder of Around the World Beauty, a boutique travel company, where she guides women around the globe on exclusive beauty experiences to cultivate roots and celebrate the cultural source for modern day beauty rituals. Feeling both disconnected from her Latina heritage and cut out of the mainstream beauty conversation, Flor found herself searching for deeper meaning in the work she loved. Flor’s Ecuadorian and Costa Rican roots inspired her to travel to Central and South America, where she explored local beauty rituals and found significance in the traditions.

Flor’s quest to understand other traditions (while remaining steeped in her own) brings a unique layer to the beauty industry. She’s traveled to over 30 countries in her quest to diversify and expand the conversation about beauty. Flor expertise in multicultural beauty has made her a go-to ambassador for leading cosmetic and hair care brands, such as The Body Shop, Clinique, Head and Shoulders, Makeup Forever, L’Oreal Paris, La Bella, Thicker Fuller Hair, and Maybelline. @stephanieflor @atwbeauty