The Business Forum LA

The Business Forum LA 2014 will be the most well rounded, and career altering business program that The Powder Group has ever produced!

The three-day business focused forum will feature experts from across the industry including top artists, agents, union heads, brand owners and business experts coming together for three packed days of panels, interviews and discussions.

More than 18 presenters over three days will help attendees look at their business and career with a renewed focus and unique perspectives from each presenter. Featured presenters will include:

Sue Cabral Ebert - President, Local 706
Leonard Engelman - Owner Taut Skincare. Chairman, Governor, Vice President AMPAS
Alphonse Wiebelt - Co-Founder, MUSE Beauty Pro
Lianne Farbes - Social Media Expert/Blogger
Maurice Stein - Founder, Cinema Secrets
Sarah Lucero - Global Director of Education, Stila Cosmetics
Timothy Priano - Owner, Artists by Timothy Priano
Madeline Leonard - Owner/Director, Cloutier Remix
Kimberly Borger - Branding and Marketing Expert
Joanna Schlip - Celebrity Makeup Artist, Founder RCK Beauty
Donald Simrock - Makeup Artist, Beauty Editor 
Eugenia Weston -
Owner, Senna Cosmetics
Albert Sanchez - Photographer
Patty Bunch - Department Head, Founder The Bungalow
Debbie Zoller - Department Head, Celebrity Makeup Artist
Trefor Proud - Department Head, Academy/Emmy Award Winner
Michael DeVellis - Founder, The Powder Group/On Makeup Magazine 
James Vincent - Director of Artistry and Education, The Makeup Show, Beauty Editor

*presenters subject to change

EVENT DETAILS: 2014 Schedule
Saturday, November 8 - Monday, November 10 2014
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Stila Cosmetics Training Center
801 North Brand, Suite 500
Glendale, CA

Join The Powder Group as we celebrate The Business Forum LA with a special cocktail reception for attendees, presenters, and special guests! Come together with the TPG Pro family and strengthen your community. Plus receive a special gift from our reception sponsor Skindinavia!

Sunday November 9th 2014 6:30 - 8pm
Horizon's Lounge at Hilton Glendale
100 West Glenoakes Blvd., 19th floor Glendale, CA
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$390.00 for TPG Pro members before September 15 2014, $490.00 after.
$490.00 for non-members before September 15 2014, $590.00 after.
$100 deposit holds your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Business Forum LA?
The Business Forum LA is a three-day, intensive program, focusing on the business aspects of the pro makeup artist industry featuring top experts from across many areas of the industry.

Is this for experienced artists or those just starting out?
The program will focus on big-picture and fine-tuned topics and will be a great resource for artists at all levels of experience.

Will there be makeup demonstrations at the event?
As the program is solely focused on strengthening attendees business, there are no makeup demonstration portions of the event. There will be discussions about makeup process and working-on-set but no demonstrations.

Will we do any makeup at the event?
There are no makeup application portions of the event.

What is the format of the program?
The program is set up as a true "forum" with an open dialogue between presenters and attendees. There will be a presentation, panel discussion or interview that starts each session off and there will be lots of time for attendee questions.

How will this help me in my makeup career?
Of course, there is the big picture goal of allowing attendees to learn from nearly 20 of our industry's top artists and business people. The intimate setting and size of the program will allow attendees to create lasting relationships not only each other, but with each of our presenters. From a networking, business development and inspirational standpoint - the event is one not to be missed.

What do I need to bring?
Something to write in and an open mind filled with questions and a readiness to take in a huge amount of information over three days.

How many attendees will be at the event?
There is a maximum of 40 attendees.

How many different types of session are going to be held during the event?
Each session will begin with a presentation and will have an open dialogue portion for attendees to engage with the presenter and each other.

What if I can't be there for the entire event?
The program is set up as one three-day program, however given the logistics of the events, you can come into the program later than Saturday morning or leave earlier than Monday evening if your schedule does not allow for you to spend the entire week with us. The program cost does not change based on missed hours or days.

Who will teach the sessions?
Experts in each area of artistry. A full list of each presenter is available on our website.

Are there any recommended hotels?
The Hilton Glendale and the Embassy Suites Glendale are offering special rates for our attendees. Registered attendees are forwarded these details.

Are there any social events being held during the program?
On Sunday evening, November 9, there will be a cocktail reception to which all attendees and presenters are invited. Details will be sent to registered attendees.

What is the cost of the program?
$490.00 for TPG Pro members. $590.00 for non-members. $100.00 deposit. Contact our visit our website to register.