What is The Artist Summit?
The Artist Summit is three day gathering and educational forum for those in the beauty and makeup industries. The program consists of three days of events including keynote addresses and seminars. Attendees will come together to create growth not only in their individual careers, but in the pro community as a whole.

Who should attend The Artist Summit?
Professional makeup artist, beauty and salon industry professionals, beauty business and salon owners, entrepreneurs and students of beauty and makeup.

What is the schedule for the program?
The program begins with a Welcome Reception on Sunday evening October 3. The three-day program runs Monday, October 4 – Wednesday, October 6. Each day consists of 60-90 minute keynote and panel sessions that run from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. There are two days of supplementary hands-on workshops on Thursday, October 7 and Friday, October 8.

Where can I get a list of the classes being taught?
You can obtain all session titles and event descriptions at www.theartistsummit.com.

Who is presenting the sessions at The Artist Summit?
More than 14 industry leaders and business owners. There is a complete list of presenters, and bios, available at theartistsummit.com

How is The Artist Summit 2021 different than previously held The Artist Summit events?
Like The Artist Summit 2013 and 2015, 2017, 2019 the 2021 program is a true summit – a gathering of industry minds sharing big ideas and for the first time in 2021 TPG Pro memers and non-members can attend the program virtually! The Artist Summit program never repeats itself, so the mix of presenters and the subject matter being presented is always unique to each The Artist Summit event. There are no repeat programs across the years of the program.

If I can’t attend this year, where can I see this series of educators and programs again?
The Artist Summit program will never repeat itself, so there will be only one-time ever where this selection of educators will present this program of events together.

How often will The Artist Summit be presented?
Every two years.

Where is The Artist Summit located?
The Artist Summit will be located in Provincetown, MA on Cape Cod. All sessions will be held at The Provincetown Inn, 1 Commercial Street in Provincetown, MA.

Can I attend only one day or do I need to participate in all days?
The program is not available for single day participation and should be participated in for the full three-day program. However, if an attendee is not available for part of the program, they may still participate in other days/portions of the event. Program rate is the same whether participating in all or some of the program.

How much does it cost to participate?
Advance Summit Passes, purchased before June 30, 2021 are $590 for TPG Pro members, and $890 for non-members. Tickets purchased between July 1-August 31 are $790 and $890 respectively. Tickets purchased after September 1 are $790 for TPG Pro members and $890 for non-members. Also for the first time in 2021, we are offering Virtural Participation to TPG Pro Members – $490 and Non-Members – $590. Get more information on the purchase tickets page.

Are accommodations included in the cost of participation?
Accommodations are not included in the event rates. Our host property, Provincetown Inn, has rates starting at $99/night for attendees of The Artist Summit. This is the preferred accommodation for all attendees.

Are meals included in the cost of participation?
Yes, an expanded continental breakfast, as well as lunch are included during each day of the program, and are included in your event rate.

Where can I buy a Summit Pass?
Tickets can be purchased on-line at theartistsummit.com, or through thepowdergroup.com Purchase Tickets page . You may also purchase tickets over the phone by calling 212.627.7447.

Can I buy a Summit Pass at the door?
Due to the limited capacity of the event, tickets must be purchased in advance. Tickets will not be available at the door.

What is included in my Summit Pass?
Full participation in all The Artist Summit programs, our welcome reception, sponsored by Skindinavia on Sunday evening, breakfast and lunch each day of the Summit. Attendees also have exclusive access to the paid-for workshops, which are at an additional cost.

Is there a discount for Union artists?
Union artists are offered the TPG Pro member pricing.

Is there a discount for students?
Student are offered the TPG Pro member pricing.

Is there a discount for teachers?
Teachers at any beauty industry accredited education program are offered the TPG Pro member pricing.

Is there a group discount rate?
For groups of ten or more, purchased by one person on behalf of a group a 10% discount will be applied to applicable pricing. Groups must contact Michael@thepowdergroup.com to purchase tickets.

What are the maximum attendees allowed to participate?
The maximum number of in person participants is 120. There is no maximum number of virtual participants.

Is the event for beginner or more experienced Artists?
The event has been designed for all levels of experience and attendees will all benefit from the broad range of speakers and topics that are focused on business development. The selection of hands-on workshops is broad and will focus on all levels of makeup artistry.

How long are, and what is the cost for, the Hands-on Workshops?
Hands-on workshops are 4 hours long. Cost is TBA for any three workshops for TPG Pro members. Non-member pricing is TBA per workshop.

How do I sign up for Hands-on Workshops?
Once you have paid for your workshops on-line at www.theartistsummit.com, The Powder Group will contact you to confirm which events you would like to confirm participation in. You may also email TAS@thepowdergroup.com with your workshop choices once you have paid for the programs on-line.

How can I be sure the workshop I’d like to take isn’t sold out?
All online details about workshops will be updated daily and sold out programs will be clearly noted. We guarantee participation in any workshop provided confirmation of event is made within 24 hours of payment.

Where can I find the schedule for the education events?
All of the education events for The Artist Summit can be found at theartistsummit.com

How can I be sure that I can get into the events I want to see?
All attendees are guaranteed participation in all sessions during The Artist Summit. Participation in hands-on workshops is guaranteed once paid for and workshop is confirmed.

Do I need to bring my kit and brushes for the hands-on workshops?
Yes you should bring your basic beauty kit and your brushes. However, product is also supplied for each workshop room. For security reasons we are unable to store kits when not in use.

Will I be able to buy products there?
There is no retail portion of The Artist Summit. The event was created strictly for as an business development and inspirational program.

If I purchase a Summit Pass and can’t come, may I receive a refund?
As the event has a limited capacity, Summit Passes, workshop fees and deposits are non-refundable. If you are unable to use a purchased Summit Pass or attend a paid-for workshop, we are happy to provide you credit toward any other The Powder Group produced event or products.