The Artist Summit hands–on workshop program is open to professional makeup artist and students of makeup artistry only unless otherwise noted. Workshops are $125 each or three for $290 for TPG Pro Members or those that are attending the full The Artist Summit program. Please note special $290 for three programs rate is only available to TPG Pro members. Non Members: $165 for each or three for $390. Register Now! for each workshop below.



Intuitive Makeup – Auralis Flores for OMNIA  
Unlock the mystery of your creative spark. Auralis Flores encourages us all to look within to discover the beauty of imagination, intuition, & inclusion. Explore color, texture, shape, and self as we go through a creative journey and learn how to use your kit in inspiring new ways.


Make Your Own Magic: The I Am

In this session we will explore the power of your own name and the importance of intention. Using tools to connect and uncover, harness the power to create, practice meditation, develop your own personal mantra and sigil, and
take you through the ancient art of candle dressing. You will design and finish your own candle
 based on your own thoughts and needs to remind you of your power each time you light it.


The Movement of Color – Alphonse Wiebelt
In this hands on workshop by ESUM Cosmetics founder Alphonse Wiebelt, attendees will be challenged to use advanced artistry technique to create their ultimate beauty makeup focusing on texture, color, placement and unique representations of artistry.




Transformational Techniques – Jake Aebly
Learn some of Jake’s favorite tips and tricks to fully transform any face in your chair. Drawing on Jake’s many years of experience with theatre and drag makeup, this class will feature both Alcone staples and non-traditional materials, challenging you to use novel techniques in order to dramatically re-shape features and achieve maximum impact in your makeups.


Bridal Beauty That Transcends – Tami Bernard
Finding the meeting point between your signature bridal style and each bridal client’s individual needs is a skill set that takes years to perfect. In this first-time program, Tami Bernard will help artists bridge the gap between your client’s beauty goal is, what makes them feel most comfortable and beautiful in their own skin and a truly perfected bridal makeup and experience.


The Creative Edge – Customizing and Creating Complexion  – James Vincent
RCMA is a must have in makeup artist kits for over half a century. The verstaile foundation formulas and complexion products malleability make them ideal for mixing and creating any look from natural to creative editorial. In this session we will explore the peoc ss of manipulating these pro favorites to design unforgettable looks and liberating yourself from the burden of a big makeup. kit.




Beauty for Film and Television – Cinema Secrets or Bethany Townes
Bethany Townes leads attendees through the process, techniques and necessary artistry to create strong makeup for film and television. The process will incorporate character development, clean and elevated artistry looks and some light out of kit fx.


The Butterfly Effect  – Stacy Robinson for A Raven’s Path
In this interactive workshop, Energy Therapist and Astrologer Stacy Robinson will take you on a deep personal immersion of energetic story, art and rebirth.  Attendees will embark on an artistic journey of transformation to help energize, connect and empower. You will gain access tools that help link the heart and the mind, both personally and in our professional worlds. All to help you leave with an awareness of how to let go of should be’s by attuning to, and creating what is, and what it has to offer our future self.


The Elevated Bride – Aga Rhodes
Bridal beauty can range from a barely there, no-makeup makeup look, to the most glam and editorial of bridal applications. Every bridal makeup can still be approached in a way that elevates the bridal experience along with the final artistic result. In this session, bridal expert and global educator Aga Rhodes will take attendees through the process, product and technique to make every artistic approach to bridal makeup one that elevates to new heights.


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** Workshop programs must be paid in Full at time of registration. Only attendees with deposits down for the full Artist Summit Program may register for the supplementary workshop programs.

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