Attendees of The Artist Summit will be able to participate in the complete summit program. All sessions are presented as full-group key notes with no overlapping sessions. Each program day will begin at 9:30 am and end at 6:00 pm. Check out the SCHEDULE AT A GLANCE page for complete program schedule. Please note that presenters and schedule is subject to change.

Lessons From a Life In Beauty – Eugenia Weston
For 50 years, Eugenia Weston has been at the forefront of beauty. She is a ground breaking industry pioneer and has inspired countless artists to follow their hearts and passions. From cosmetics counter artist to becoming the first woman to receive a Esthetician license in the state of California she has given so many the strength to follow in her footsteps. Her iconic brand, Senna Cosmetics, has been the gold standard in pro artistry product for our industry for decades. She has worked with the most important photographers including Helmut Newton, Greg Gorman, Herb Ritts, and Matthew Rolston and her work with celebrity clients including Toni Basil and Bette Midler are renowned throughout the industry and her Brow and Makeup Studios and educational programs have continued to raise the bar on what is considered excellence in the business. In this exclusive The Artist Summit session, Eugenia will share stories from the road, discuss the dramas and delights, the risks and rewards of a life and career well lived and share what’s next on her journey.

The Editorial Eye – Romero Jennings
Strong editorial artistry requires more than simply exceptional technique and great creative ideas. Developing your editorial eye means understanding storytelling through artistry. It means undertaking a series of artistic energies while maintaining a commonality throughout in order to clearly share one message through a variety of influences. In this very special program, Romero Jennings will discuss his work, the planning and process that goes into creating strong editorial work and showcase his technique and favorite products for editorial in a live demonstration.

To Be Continued – Marietta Carter Narcisse
When you have reached a level of your career, artistically and from a business perspective, that few feel they can reach, it is hard to imagine what could possibly come next. As an industry leader for more than 30 years, Marietta Carter-Narcisse is a woman of tenacity, drive and legendary status. She is an artist and business leader who is admired by makeup professionals around the world for her decades of work in film, her passion for education and her love for inspiring and helping other become their best artist. Together we will celebrate that Marietta is the ultimate example of a career that is constantly reshaping and evolving, meeting the needs of an industry that is equally fluid in its own needs, while creating a legacy of excellence in artistry along the way. Marietta Carter-Narcisse is To Be Continued.

Vision and The Visionary – Dany Sanz
To desire to create is one of the most intrinsic energies that an artist of any medium must have in order to fulfill their heart and passion. The idea of creative vision is something more profound. The artisan must have vision, for the end result, for the process. To see what is not yet done, and to see much more and further than others – are the ingredients one must develop in order to take their work and career to exceptional heights. Whether in business or any area of artistry – to see from unique eyes and create what is not yet created – this is the true path of a visionary. In this very special session, industry icon Dany Sanz will share with our community what it takes to move from from artist to entrepreneur – from artisan to visionary.

The Art of Curation  – Chris McCarthy
The process of curation is the one that allows those receiving information to process it in a way that provides the most relevant, important and interesting to a particular topic or area of interest. In this first ever program, Chris McCarthy CEO of Provincetown Art Association and Museum sits down with TPG Founder, Michael DeVellis to discuss the process and decision making involved in showcasing the best of the best in a meaningful way. The lessons learned from the art of gallery and educational curation will help create a solid base of rules and direction whether you are curating your online portfolio, your social media or inspirational content. By curating with more decisiveness and a solid plan, your message will be clearer, louder and viewed with more strategic purpose.

Our Industry Today – Inclusion and Diversity – Damone Roberts, Joe Dulude ll, Stephanie Flor, Alice An, Christine Gero, Stephanie Flor 
Today more than ever, our industry is taking a hard look inward to see where we need to improve our thoughts and actions around the ideas of being completely inclusive for all in our community. In this important panel discussion, Michael DeVellis and James Vincent will speak with a panel of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ beauty and pro makeup industry pros about how we are doing as an industry, what we need to know about their personal industry experiences and what we can be doing better to support our entire beauty community.

That’s the Plan – James Vincent
Daily action in your wellness, aactivation in your mindfulness and acknowledgment of your artistry and business building in your every day routines and schedule are important and effective for creatives in reaching and realizing goals and success. For creatives in an industry that requires us to constantly push to success while actively listening and catering to the needs of others. The amount of empathy, understanding, motivation and drive necessary to pursue your plan can start to feel overwhelming. Whether what is ahead of us seems uncertain or simply unattainable adding daily doses of wellness and a a more direct plan can help you stay sorted and on track. In this interactive session exclusive to TPG James  brings you through  activating and implementing the practice of wellness and incorporation of mindful management and thinking  to bring behavioral change  We will  use some of TPGs successful tools and implement an action plan where wellness works hand in hand with the personal and business goals you have set for yourself.  We will ask questions, explore answers, and craft a personal vision and development plan towards self actualization and systemic change that will allow you to achieve your unlimited potential and possibility.

Me, My Brand and I – Auralis Flores, Stacy Robinson, James Vincent
Our industry has been shifting over the past years as brands and new businesses introduce a more self-care and wellness oriented focus. When this shift incorporates the perspective of the beauty professional, it allows our community a way forward to better serve their clients and themselves in an ever increasingly stressful business. The process of discovering your own path and perspective in developing a business that serves this need for our artist family is one that incorporates your personal energy, your history and career journey and a deep understanding of our industry. In this very special program, we will speak with three brand founders – Auralis Flores (The Moon and The Muse), Stacy Robinson (A Raven’s Path) and James Vincent (Rebels and Outlaws) – who have helped pave the way for new thinking around self care, as they share their story, talk us through creating your own path – and help you identify what defines you as both an artist, and an individual, as well as cultivate your own your unique place in your industry.

Beyond Limits – Sarah Rigano
This unique program will combine personal development and wellness to help attendees explore their current place and time and prepare for their future with a renewed sense of self-approval and appreciation. We are at a time when so many are rethinking what is next for them, their careers and lives. We are all facing roadblocks, doubt and uncertainty as we move forward into the “what is next?” realm of possibility. This program will help attendees break through personal and professional barriers and activate their most powerful selves, the program will shift attendees energetic perception, making space to explore their most limitless life.

Achieving Artistry – Nick Lujan
The most inspirational of makeup artists are those who create with more than simply the fundamentals in mind. The truest function of makeup artistry requires makeup artist is to be the vehicle in bringing their own vision to life, while maintaining the parameters of a given project. Calling upon your past influences, mentors and artistry hero’s while incorporating your own unique voice is a skill that is developed with fine tuned precision. In this unique artistry, process and creativity focused session, makeup artist Nick Lujan will take you on a journey to find your artists voice, staying inspired by your craft, and challenging your artist within to exceed even your own expectations of artistic excellence.

On My Terms – Rashida LaShawn
Finding your real passions, overcoming the impossible obstacles, and reaching for your surprising dreams is something we all want to attain in our makeup industry. Finding the confidence to take on our dreams and redefine what we can become is critical in this process. We all face obstacles in defining and navigating the path to success in our careers and personal lives. Sometimes these barriers seem insurmountable and that can make the goals you have set for yourself feel like unreachable dreams. But taking on the world with an “I Can” attitude is more than a cliche – it’s a business model for some. In this very special program, industry leader, makeup artist, and exceptional businesswoman Rashida LaShawn will share her journey of self-discovery, empowerment and faith in self, leading attendees to a place of higher self-regard, confidence, and empowerment.

In The Spirit of Giving – Todd Harris
Becoming one of the sought-after makeup artists in the business is no easy task on it’s own.  It takes a huge amount of talent, a superior energy of service, and a level of creativity that is seen as exceptional. That might be enough for most artists to feel that they have reached their pinnacle of success, but for Todd Harris finding a deeper meaning and pushing his work forward into support for others was the missing piece. Todd co-founded the support organization Trans Beauty Clinic to do just that and in this first-ever session, he’ll share with us the important work his organization is doing and how we can all be a more engaged participants in supporting the trans community.

A Study in Focus – Damone Roberts
Creating a career that is at once industry-shifting and personally fulfilling requires more than a strong business plan and talent. It requires the highest levels of drive, passion, and maybe most importantly, focus. In this inspirational session with Industry Icon, TV Host, Public Speaker, Writer, and Brow and Beauty Expert. Damone Roberts, we will discuss Damone’s formula for ensuring you are known for what you’re known for and for being the best in the business at it. Making the most of your career through a laser focus approach to your work, service level, business development, branding, and visibility will take you to new heights, and Damone and this session will get you there.

Trust The Journey – Stephanie Flor

Throughout our lives, we seek to find a path within our work and personal lives that provides us both satisfaction, success and security. Sometimes path takes turns that are unexpected and provides opportunities that we may not feel ready for, or worthy of. Working toward goals and then shifting those goals along the way can lead to uncertainty and self-doubt, but also can bring with it the greatest reward. In this powerful presentation, Latina beauty expert and globe-trotting beauty explorer, Stephanie Flor take us on a journey of self-discovery, looking to both the past and future to identify a path that authentically unfolds for you. Stephanie shares her story and encourages every artist to take the road less traveled towards their own dreams and tap into their own creativity and curiosity and as you learn to trust the journey laying itself out in front of you.