Attendees of The Artist Summit will be able to participate in the complete summit program. All sessions are presented as full-group key notes with no overlapping sessions. Each program day will begin at 9:30 am and end at 6:00 pm. Check out the SCHEDULE AT A GLANCE page for complete program schedule. Please note that presenters and schedule is subject to change.

Achieving Artistry – John Stapleton
The most inspirational of makeup artists are those who create with more than simply the fundamentals in mind. The truest function of makeup artistry requires makeup artist is to be the vehicle in bringing their own vision to life, while maintaining the parameters of any project. In strong collaboration, the client’s needs must be inline with our own creative passion and expression. In this unique artistry and creativity focused session, makeup artist John Stapleton will take you on a journey to find your artists voice, staying inspired by your craft, and challenging your artist within.

Getting Uncomfortable – William Edge
Living your dreams can sometimes mean looking inside yourself, truly examining your skill set, addressing your passions, reassessing your strengths and redefining your own perception of success, while pushing yourself to a place where you realize that growth comes from moving outside your comfortable place and deciding how uncomfortable you are willing to become. Setting your goals, growing the scope of your business beyond the expected set of parameters within our industry, and allowing yourself to incorporate the layers of your passions into your business, allows you to not only be more successful but truly happier with both your personal and professional journeys. In this wonderful session, hairstylist, creative visionary and Director of Creative Development for his eponymous chain of the William Edge Salons,  and the new William Edge Institute, shares his thoughts on how creative exploration, community, philanthropy and adjusting your outlook can help you create a multi-layered business and attain the apex of success while working within your community you love in and shattering the limitations to being professionally, personally and financially successful.

Imperfected – Michael DeVellis
We are living in a world filled with social media, advertising, celebrity, photography and other influences that celebrate the perfect in a way that can easily make the rest of us feel unworthy of success or true happiness. Unreal housewives and wealthy Hollywood sisters becoming rich and famous for no other reason than that they are rich and famous, can be disheartening to the rest of us. Watching as Instagram influencers make more money by doing a post than many of us will make in a month of hard work can be downright depressing. And to so many, finding the perfect them, means finding the perfect plastic surgeon. But at what cost is all this so-called perfection? This program by The Powder Group founder, Michael DeVellis, will give you the tools and thought processes you need to find a true path of self-acceptance. By allowing you to find absolute and complete joy in just being you, your journey will become to unfold and the life and career of your dreams is more than just a light at the end of the tunnel, but a true reality.

In the Spirit of Giving – Matin Maulawizada
Becoming one of the most well loved and gifted makeup artists in the industry is no easy task. It takes a huge amount of talent, a superior energy of service, and a level of patience and understanding that is unmatched. That might be enough for most artists to feel that they have reached their pinnacle of success, but not for Matin Maulawizada. To top all of those traits off, Matin has run a women’s support program in his home country of Afghanistan since 2004. Afghan Hands is an organization that has been featured online and in print across the fashion and beauty industries and has raised more than $350,000.00 for Afghani women since it’s launch. In this very special program, Matin will speak to the spirit of giving, talk about his career and his organization, and how they coexist and support each other. Most of all, he will help us each find that place, and spirit, of giving that can make us much more than a successful artist, but an unwaveringly successful human.

Me My Brand and I –  Angelique Velez, Julia Dalton Brush, Terri Tomlinson
At a time when there seem to be more makeup brands than ever and the number of artists seems to have increased overnight creating a strong presence for yourself as an artist and business has the power to be the difference between a good career and a great one. The process of discovering your own voice – and the personality, emotions, artistry and convictions that go with it – provides you the potential stand apart from and make yourself heard by not only your peers, and potential clients, but the industry at large. The act of bringing a product or new brand to market and making a place for it in today’s industry incorporates many of the same skill sets each artist needs to add into their own career plans, In this unique question and answer style session we ask artist and entrepreneurs Julia Dalton Brush, Angelique Valez and Terri Tomlinson to tell us their story, talk us through creating your own path – and help you identify what defines you as both an artist, and an individual, as well as cultivate your own signature style and your place in your industry.

Seeking Synchronicity – Sarah Rigano
In a world that encourages conformity, those with creative hearts can find that the expectations of fitting into an expected mold can lead to boredom, suffocation and stagnation. The truth is that even when following the path of the expected in process or ideas, no one sees as you do, no one thinks as you do, no one dreams as you do, no one creates as you do. In this interactive wellness focused session, Vibrational Designer, and modern day Medicine Woman Sarah Rigano, will help attendees find the individual power they possess to navigate their path with a deeper sense of wisdom, purpose and passion. Sarah will delve into how we can honor ourselves, and align our personal vision with others, while finding the courage to trust our intuition and find a path toward our ultimate happiness and success by opening our eyes to the many signs, synchronicities and guides – both external and internal – that present themselves along our journey.

Strength and Balance – Aga Rhodes, Alyson Howard-Hoag, Kisha Augustine,  Joanne McDonough
As a freelance business owner and makeup artist, finding time for your career, your personal wellness, your relationships and feeding your creativity are things that we can find a huge challenge. How do we prioritize our time, how do we find balance, and how do we do it all while still showing our strength as a powerful part of the industry and a master of our craft. In this unique and first-time ever program, four of our industry’s bossest, boss women, will take the stage together as we discuss how to push all of your growth and development forward together and find not only strength as an industry leader, but personal fulfillment and balance in one’s life.

Defeat Is Not An Option – Stephen Dimmick
We all face obstacles in our path to success in our careers and personal lives. Sometimes these barriers seem insurmountable and that can make the goals you have set for yourself feel like pipe dreams. But when you give yourself permission to approach your career with a “defeat is not an option” attitude you can accomplish anything. Successfully negotiating the challenges that are placed before you throughout your career is an essential skill if you want to move past it to achieve your goal. In this powerful session, renowned makeup artist Stephen Dimmick will share his personal stories of creating a successful and sustainable career even during the most challenging circumstances.

The Power of Community – Chris McCarthy
One of the most powerful needs we have in our lives is the desire to feel like we belong to something bigger than ourselves – that we are not alone. Sometimes this need can be satisfied by family, a house of worship or even a sports team we are a part of. But in the world of the freelance artist we have to parallel our personal need to belong, with our professional one. In this inspirational session, Chris McCarthy, Executive Director Provincetown Art Association Museum, shares her story of re-imagining an legendary institution so that it could meet the needs of and give back to the community it has been part of for so long. In this seminar Chris will speak to the integrity of standing up for your own belief even when popular opinion is against you, the importance of putting a plan in place and provide us with both the mindset and the tools for giving back to or creating our own communities within our industry, our circle of career influence and with our potential clients. Learn how to become the catalyst for continuous community growth and understand how important an opportunity community can be for both our psychological needs and our career goals and development.

To Be Continued – James Vincent
When you have reached a level of your career, artistically and from a business perspective, that few feel they can ever reach, it is hard to imagine what could possibly come next. As an industry leader, and founder of the globally respected pro makeup brand MAKE UP FOR EVER, Dany Sanz is a woman of legendary status. She is an artist and business leader who is admired by makeup professionals around the world for her honest approach to artistry, her creativity and of course for her expertise in product development is renowned across the beauty industry. As an icon, respected the world over, one wonders, what could possibly be Dany Sanz next act after leaving her brand behind. We will discuss with Dany the journey that has brought her to this new chapter in her life and career, the new projects and products she is working on. Together we will celebrate that her artistry is to be continued, her love for sharing and teaching is to be continued and above all else her place as the head of the global makeup tribe is to be continued. Dany Sanz is to be continued.

Who I Am – Raisa Flowers
Finding your real passions, overcoming the impossible obstacles, and reaching for your surprising dreams is something we all want to attain in our makeup industry. Finding the confidence to take on our dreams and redefine what we can become is critical in this process. We all face obstacles in defining and navigating the path to success in our careers and personal lives. Sometimes these barriers seem insurmountable and that can make the goals you have set for yourself feel like pipe dreams. But once you have given yourself permission to approach your career with an attitude, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. In this energizing program, makeup artist and model Raisa Flowers will share her journey of self-discovery, empowerment and faith in self, leading attendees to a place of higher self-regard, confidence and empowerment.

A Career In Makeup – Louie Zakarian