Sarah Rigano

Form + Light founder Sarah Rigano is a spacial shaman, an intuitive curator of interiors and an
awakener of their inhabitants. Having spent close to a decade furthering sustainable design
within the fashion and home industries for the likes of CFDA award-winning brands and Fortune
500 companies, Sarah was called in 2011 to a journey of realization which led to her initiation in
a range of ancient healing modalities including: Andean Shamanism (As a full mesa carrier),
Masters in Usui and Shamanic Reiki, Energy Medicine, Stonalism, Vogel Crystal Healing, Past
Life Regression Therapy and Quantum Sound Healing. As a modern day medicine woman, she
holds a deep respect and appreciation for the seen and unseen worlds, recognizing the energy
that exists in all, be it animate or inanimate objects, for everything has a frequency, a vibration
at which it resonates that informs and inspires. The spaces in which we dwell, our individual,
interior and exterior environments are of no exception. From this knowing, her philosophy of
Vibrational Design™ was born; an ideology that is mindful and intent driven, a calling in and
manipulation of Light energy and the subtle frequencies of the natural world to create sacred
spaces and ceremonies for transformation and realization of higher consciousness. Sarah is
based in NYC and the Hudson Valley, engaging with clients in person and remotely and
travelling globally for interior and environmental collaborations.
|Instagram: @formandlight @sarahrigano