Stacy Robinson

Stacy Robinson is a Reiki Master, Access Bars Practitioner and life long Energy Intuitive. She credits her “reawakening” with a change in scheduling that led her to an experience with an energy healer in Chicago. This experience would cure a lifelong fear that had crippled her with even a hug from her children. The process was called Reiki.

For the next two years Stacy learned everything she could about the Energy Art of Reiki. Including a specialized certification in Maternity and Infertility Reiki. After years of only self practice she realized she was no longer meant to keep this “healing” gift to herself. As a true Virgo, and needing to understand exactly how something works, she took all three Reiki Certifications , through Master Level not once, but twice. Once as a gift to herself, the second for those she would hold space for.Stacy’s clients have labeled her as an “Energy Therapist” . In 2018 she officially gave a name to her visions and A Ravens Path was born.

Stacy is in constant study of the metaphysical world. With an amazement and respect of the emotional reaction of the physical body, numerology and astrology and how it relates to our personal relationships, especially our family dynamics, and with the perfect balance of practicality and woo woo, she keeps her feet on the ground in Long Island NY.

It is her belief that in order to be a good teacher you must have first needed to be the student. And that the role of student is one we luckily never graduate completely from.